Yulia Lisle "Throughout our life we are always connecting with art" OIAF 2018 Exhibitor


What is your definition of art?

Throughout our life we are always connecting with art. Because art surrounds our daily life in various forms. Many people depict art as a drawing or a picture however I believe that everything in our life is linked to art or is an art form in itself.

Best exhibition ever participated in?

In 2017 I held a solo exhibition in the Odessa museum of western and eastern art. The theme of the event was the four elements (Fire, wind, water and air). My artworks were split into these four elements. However they remained united through a singular subject matter of the natural floral world.

Techniques I use to create my artworks are?

I love the viscosity and thick richness of oil paint which I prefer to smear in large quantities over the canvas. Using a palette knife I can build volume and manipulate the paint to create three dimensional features to my works. Also I am always attracted to vibrant and bold colours which often take up most of my canvas during the process of creating my works.

What drives you?

Firstly I am always striving to capture the true brilliance, perfection and opulence of our planet through my choice of colour and brush stroke. Also the emotions and events that occur throughout my daily push me towards my goal and plans.

I know my artwork is finished when?

I know that the process of creating my art is complete when see and mostly feel that my painting has reached a balance within itself an eternal serenity that blankets the colours and subjects of my paintings. Most importantly the painting has to be in harmony.