Yulia Lisle "Throughout our life we are always connecting with art" OIAF 2018 Exhibitor


What is your definition of art?

Throughout our life we are always connecting with art. Because art surrounds our daily life in various forms. Many people depict art as a drawing or a picture however I believe that everything in our life is linked to art or is an art form in itself.

Best exhibition ever participated in?

In 2017 I held a solo exhibition in the Odessa museum of western and eastern art. The theme of the event was the four elements (Fire, wind, water and air). My artworks were split into these four elements. However they remained united through a singular subject matter of the natural floral world.

Techniques I use to create my artworks are?

I love the viscosity and thick richness of oil paint which I prefer to smear in large quantities over the canvas. Using a palette knife I can build volume and manipulate the paint to create three dimensional features to my works. Also I am always attracted to vibrant and bold colours which often take up most of my canvas during the process of creating my works.

What drives you?

Firstly I am always striving to capture the true brilliance, perfection and opulence of our planet through my choice of colour and brush stroke. Also the emotions and events that occur throughout my daily push me towards my goal and plans.

I know my artwork is finished when?

I know that the process of creating my art is complete when see and mostly feel that my painting has reached a balance within itself an eternal serenity that blankets the colours and subjects of my paintings. Most importantly the painting has to be in harmony.


Izabela Venuso "strives to capture the essence..." OIAF 2018 Exhibitor

Red Rose 12x17 inch Arylic on Canvas.jpg

Izabela Venuso is a Polish artist living in Birmingham, UK. 

From her earliest years, Izabela has had a fascination with art but has never undertaken any formal study of the subject.  The direction of her life totally changed when she met an art teacher who developed and refined her skills, and ultimately influenced her preference in painting portraits.

In her portrait painting, Izabela strives to capture the essence of her subjects’ character and mood, their favourite objects, and the unique living environment of their cosy homes.

 Her choice of artist’s name ‘Venuso’ is a combination of love, attraction, and ambition.

Where do you see your art going in ten years…?

With the interest I get now from the British public, there is a great possibility that I can make it very far in my artistic career. I would definitely like to grow my clientele data base for commissioned portraits internationally.

Which are your favorite artists…?

I have many favorite artists like Salvador Dali, Vincent Van Gogh, Vermeer, Monet, Thomas Gainsborough and many more. However, my heart was stolen by the greatest Dutch portrait painter - Rembrandt.  I am mesmerized with his technique of capturing the faces of his models. He is a very popular artist and people all over the world still admire his work nowadays. 

Greatest achievements so far…?

Really understanding the difference between high quality/technique in the paintings.

Would love to exhibit my work in …?

Portrait Art Gallery in London. 

What is your biggest dream…?

To be successful in the art field and be remembered by the future generations.

What makes your art different than others…?

I was told that I am capable to paint portraits with feelings. I can capture the eyes and faces that you can feel the soul of the sitter in the painting.

Website url: www.venuso.co.uk

Twitter: @VenusoArt

Facebook: VenusoArt

Instagram: VenusoArt

Yasmine Badawi "I like to paint which enables me to create my own world to get lost in" OIAF 2018 EXHIBITOR

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 13.03.28.png

Yasmine Badawi was born in Aberdeen, Scotland in 2001, and is currently studying at the Anglo-American school of Moscow, Russia. Growing up in many different countries, her interactions with different cultures grew tremendously making her want to explore and make something out of herself. She has always been fascinated by art but never really knew until an art store opened up near her house from which she decided to buy a few blank canvases and see what happens. This led to her discovering her passion, mainly in painting and she then started creating many artworks. Being a self-taught Egyptian artist, a year later, she started exploring the idea of marketing her work and getting feedback in order to understand what her passion can lead to. Then came her first month-long exhibition in Cairo, Egypt in order to raise awareness to two cancer hospitals and a heart institute. In that same month, she donated an interactive artwork to children from the children’s cancer hospital and spent the day coloring that big drawing with them. What she was extremely grateful for was her participation acceptance for the Oxford International Art Fair of 2018, as this has given her the opportunity to reach people internationally on a much bigger scale. She plans to major in Architecture at an art school in 2019 in order to start her career and still be connected to her passion.

What is your definition of art…?

Art is the ability to show the world what you can’t necessarily explain, and to help yourself when no one else can. It is not necessarily just a way to express oneself, but more a way to escape reality. Whether it is the art of writing, painting, photographing, singing, sculpting or other, it consumes the artist and takes them to another universe where only their work matters. Some people read to explore another world and forget about their own, or some people go for a walk to breathe some fresh air to calm down; I like to paint which enables me to create my own world to get lost in, my own vision of how things should be. Art has the ability to make us doubt the obvious and reality by recreating what we know to be true in another form. Yes, artists tend to reveal their emotions through the color schemes and the image itself, however sometimes what is more important is just the act of losing oneself in an action. When I paint, it is not to show others if I’m happy or sad, but it is to forget everything around me, which is why I would stay until 3 am painting and just forget the concept of sleep. Everything from my normal life would just disappear until I finished my piece. I put some music on, prepare everything and simply start drawing on a white canvas. Watching the before and after of it all provides such satisfaction that nothing else could replace. Even the simple feel of the paint on the paintbrush while mixing colors and the power to create different shades of color feels so surreal. That’s why I believe that there is so much more to art than people think.

Can you tell us what you have going on right now…?

As an IB student, I am lately focusing on creating new art and exploring different medias, however, the main difference is that I am finally starting to give more meaning to my work. The most meaningful piece I have is my tryptic called “Revealed”. During the process of painting it, I constantly kept modifying the final outcome in order to send a message to people who could relate. This is just an example of what I have been focusing on: giving a meaning to my work, letting my art speak to the audience and making it powerful.

Which are your favorite artists…?

Among my favorite artists is Banksy. Although I haven’t explored street art yet, his work inspires me the most. His dedication, his challenges, his goals and especially the messages that he conveys through his art are what I love most. Every time I have to deal with artist’s block, I think back to Banksy’s work and try to get inspired by finding something meaningful to me that I would like to stand up for. From there, I start brainstorming and my ideas come through. His work definitely affects mine and I’m even planning on working on a few pieces closer to his type of work and possibly more simplistic soon. Another artist would be Ganzeer. He’s an Egyptian street artist and graphic novelist. I admire his work and how he saw the Egyptian Revolution from 2011-2013 as an opportunity for his art. He inspires me to go after what I want no matter what and I love his view on street art. For him, it should be okay to express oneself publically instead of just framing certain works of art and leave them hidden behind walls in a museum. Street art is a way for people to communicate with each other anonymously and possibly create big things where people can complete each other’s work and making it bigger and better. I’d love to have the possibility to exhibit my work publically in Egypt like Banksy and Ganzeer, and make people reflect over it, possibly affecting their lives.

What is your biggest dream…?

My biggest dream is to be a mother opening her own art gallery. As a teenager, I’ve created this perfect image of what my dream life would be and I’ve already planned everything. I hope to grow up and work as an architect while always painting during my free time and to relax. I would then be a stay at home mom designing my own gallery. I’ve already thought of the layout, the function and the design of it all. I hope that no matter where life takes me, that I’ll at least be able to make that dream come true.

What makes your art different than others…?

I believe that what makes my art different is the fact that I’m still experimenting with different medias, different themes and haven’t just started a trend in my work with which I feel comfortable. This allows me to have the freedom to shape my work in any way I feel and to not be limited by what I have already done. Also, I don’t focus on the art market as much as some people do. I don’t think whether my art will please a certain audience, or if it fits some certain criteria which will make it sell as long as I personally like the outcome and the meaning. I have been focusing on the lack of perfection in art lately with my work like with my two paintings “Labelled” and “Hidden perfection”. The point is to expose how an artist feels after completing an artwork. Personally, there isn’t one painting of mine that I can look at without seeing a flaw. This is the concept that no art is perfect and that no matter what, we will never be able to please everyone because there will always be something wrong with it.

Website url: https://www.instagram.com/yassartszy/

Instagram: @yassartszy




Fifth annual Oxford International Art Fair offers wealth of opportunities


Oxford Town Hall, 23-25 February 2018

One of the UK's most vibrant and successful art events is returning to the city of Oxford next February, offering a valuable platform for UK and international artists and galleries to show their work and sell commission-free, and there is still time to take part. 

The Oxford International Art Fair, now in its fifth year, will be held in the magnificent setting of Oxford Town Hall in the heart of the city, from 23rd to 25th February 2018, showing work from over 150 artists and galleries from around the world.  With more than 10,000 visitors expected to attend over three days, the fair offers an unmissable opportunity to show and sell work. 

Expertly curated by the award-winning art entrepreneur Joëlle Dinnage and business partner Natal Vallvé from The Global Art Agency, the Oxford International Art Fair art fair offers a unique experience for exhibitors and visitors alike, as Joëlle explains.  

"When we created the fair, five years ago, our intention was to provide artists and galleries with an affordable and accessible shop window for their work, within the setting of a unique space that fused the art together with the architecture of the venue chosen to host it.  It was all about wanting to inspire, engage and excite," she says.

"Four successful years and £2,4 million of art fair-generated sales later, our focus remains the same.  We have expanded the fair to fill three halls here in Oxford with an incredible array of modern and contemporary art and provided a package of exhibitor support that simply isn't available anywhere else. 


"Artists can gain recognition by taking part in the Oxford International Art Fair Awards; maximise their presence through our expert curator, on-site and promotional services, attend a special private view and vernissage, and of course, sell their work with zero commission," she says.  "They can even be virtually there by showing their work in our digital art showcase."

With pitches starting from as little as £350, only a modest outlay is required to secure attendance at one of the UK's most highly regarded free-to-attend art events. 

Among the artists who have already signed up for 2018 include:

·      Taiwan based artist and lifestyle blogger Han-Sheng Huang (www.hshuang.co)

·      One of the UK's leading portrait artists James Earley (www.jamesearleyartist.com)

·      Bulgarian artist Radi Nedelchev, best known as a painter of naïve art (www.radinedelchevart.com)

·      Oxford watercolour abstract artist Jenny Boden (http://jennybowdenart.com)

·      Painter Edward Ofosu who lives and works in London (www.edwardofosu.com)

"Hundreds of artists and galleries have exhibited and sold work with us here in Oxford over the past few years - just take a look here (www.globalartagency.com/testimonials) to see how the fair wowed them," says Joëlle.  "We're gearing up to make 2018 another big success, with even more opportunities to sell work, receive commissions and gain profile.  Don't miss this valuable opportunity to be there," she adds.

The Oxford International Art Fair 2018 is now open for exhibitors to apply to take part.  For more information or to book, please go to www.oxfordinternationalartfair.com/apply (NOW CLOSED)

The Oxford International Art Fair takes place from Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th February 2018 at Oxford Town Hall, St Aldate's, Oxford, OX1 1BX.  For more information please go to www.oxfordinternationalartfair.com, where tickets can also be booked.


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